Toughened Glass

Tempered glass is regular float glass that goes through a heating and cooling cycle. This process changes the structure of the glass.

After this processing, the glass is left mechanically and thermally changed. These alterations make it about 5 times stronger than regular annealed glass.

In addition, when this glass breaks, it will shatter into small pieces making it safer than regular glass breakage. This element of safety provided when the glass is broken, along with the toughness that this tempered safety glass offers, means this type is frequently used when strength, thermal resistance and protection are major concerns.

An example of the properties of toughened glass

An example of the properties of toughened glass, taken from


You may find the glass used in rear and side doors in vehicles, in ovens where being heat resistant is vital, in showers, skylights and in a number of other places.

Most glass types can be toughened in the thickness range of 4mm – 25mm.

It should be noted that edge treatment, hole and notch positioning need careful consideration when glass is to be toughened.

It cud be used as a glass table top for a dining table or antique to protect the surface for everyday use.

Bathroom and kitchen cabinet shelves where strength is required and clean transparent design is a must.

Shower screens open the possibility to build customised shower screens and steam rooms.

Glass balustrades for staircases bring elegance and strength all in one when used tempered glass.

Glass doors, shopfronts and even kitchen glass splashbacks are made of tempered glass. Applications for tempered glass are quite big and depending on the project we can help you if need any assistance.

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