Great Way To Brighten Up A Kitchen

Elegant and modern, easy to clean. That is our goal.

Toughened Painted Glass & Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

We manufacture kitchen splashbacks from painted glass panels of almost any colour. Kitchen glass splashbacks are a great way to brighten up a kitchen wall. Pick a colour from the RAL or Delux colour chart and we’ll get straight to work. For a unique, completely bespoke kitchen splashback, look no further than Carlen Glass.

Our high-technology CNC machines can manufacture kitchen splashbacks as you want them. Panels can be 4mm to 19mm thick. With cut-outs, holes, and various edge finishes and notches — just as you desire.


Making tough kitchen glass splashbacks

Strength is a priority. Our glass splashbacks are as strong as stainless steel. The glass is thermally toughened; heat soaked to make it stronger. (You can read more about the process of making toughened glass here). After painting the glass wall tiles, they are also laminated using PVB.  This makes the glass very durable and resistant. In fact, PVB glass is often used to produce ‘walk-on’ glazing products such as stair treads.


Toughened painted glass at home

Painted glass tiles are becoming more popular with homeowners. Painted glass is popular in shower enclosures, bathroom walls, and bathroom suites, for example. In all cases, we are able to create bespoke toughened glass panels, completely bespoke for our customers. We regularly supply kitchen worktops, kitchen sinks, cooker hoods and other kitchen accessories. Heavier, 19mm thick glass is often the best choice, particularly for kitchen worktops.

Toughened, painted glass is clean looking and will add a great modern finishing touch to any room. A beautiful mosaic, whether at home or at a business. They are a great alternative to typical stainless steel splashbacks. Some of our favourite colours include brown, green, and yellow. If you are looking for a kitchen glass splashback or any glass wall cladding, just let us know.