Can be fitted into most fire screens and doors.

Pyrobel Fire Resistant Glass

When it comes to fire-rated glass, Pyrobel® and Pyrobelite® fire glass are the number one choices for internal and external installations.


Logo for fire glass company Pyrobel

Logo for fire glass company Pyrobel


This glass has been through stringent fire safety tests, ensuring that it surpasses the standards for optimum safety and protection of up to 2 hours (integrity and insulation).

Carlen Glass Merchants have been distributing this glass for over 20 years and have established long-standing relationships with clients, based on the quality of our products, service and ethics regarding the products we sell. We 100% stand by the safety standards of the Pyrobel® and Pyrobelite® products and can supply fire safety certificates reinforcing this.

How the Pyrobel fire glass works:

Pyrobel® and Pyrobelite® is a laminated glass that is assembled with clear intumescent interlayers that meet the Integrity and Low Radiation criteria (EW) or the Integrity and Insulation criteria (EI). In the event of a fire, the interlayers will expand and transform themselves into a rigid, opaque and heat-absorbing fire shield. The glass provides a proven resistance to fire, physically protecting against flames and smoke. It also controls heat transfer through conduction, radiation and convection.

Pyrobel® and Pyrobelite® can be used with other products to deliver varying functions, including energy efficiency (Low-emissivity, solar control/gain), security measures, decorative effects (sandblasting) and also integrated blinds within the fire-rated units.

Glass uses:

  • Approved in wooden, steel and aluminium framing systems.
  • Approved in frameless systems (butt-jointed) as Pyrobel Vision Line®.
  • Available as single internal glazing, single external glazing with a UV filter (EG type) and double glazing unit (DGU) in combination with any other AGC glass product.
  • Safety glass according to EN 12600 (3B3, 2B2 or 1B1 acc. to product type).
  • Bi-directional fire resistance.
  • Can be used as part of a fireplace or fire pit.
  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties.
  • Can be laminated with burglar and bullet-resistant glasses.
  • Available in Clearvision (extra clear glass).
  • Internal blind systems can be used in hospitals, clean rooms etc.
  • Can be glazed horizontally (floors or roof etc.) or vertically.


Please contact us if you have a requirement for safety fire glass or any questions about the products you can access on our website.