Coloured float glass (body tinted)

Coloured float glass is produced through the same process as regular float glass, with the addition of adding extra metal oxides to the production process.

These small additions allow the glass colour to alter slightly, giving off a bronze, green, blue or grey hue.

The alteration does not affect the physical properties of the glass, except for changes in solar energy transmission. The colour is consistent throughout the thickness.

Most float glass produces a green tint when the pane is viewed ‘on edge’. To change the colour of the glass, extra iron oxide is introduced for a green tint, cobalt oxide for a grey tint and selenium oxide for a bronze tint. The blue tint is achieved by adding additional cobalt oxide to the float glass process.

The colours give off a weak transmitted colour, reflectances are not significant.

Lower light transmission is generally their principle external visual characteristic.

Coated glass products that give off higher light reflectances can produce higher exterior colours than those of body tinted glass.

We currently stock the following coloured float glass:

  • Bronze float glass
  • Green float glass
  • Blue float glass
  • Grey float glass
  • Black pearl float glass

All the above glasses are suitable for processing including toughening.

Please contact us to find out more about our range of coloured glass.