Lacobel painted glass technology

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Lacobel T is the latest advancement in painted glass technology from AGC. As you may know, Lacobel back painted glass has been on the market for many years now, and stocked by Carlen Glass Merchants Ltd. The product has been widely used in varying interior applications over the past few years, building a reliable reputation for the brand, with regard to the quality, versatility and durability of the painted glass range.

The advancement in the range is that now with Lacobel T, the glass can be tempered after it has been painted by processors. Previously with painted glass products, the glass goes through a number of treatment stages before being eventually painted. Lacobel T cuts all this out, minimising the risk of mistakes and resulting in a more streamlined finish.

The benefits of Lacobel T outweigh conventional toughened painted glass, in so far as scratch-ability reduction and homogeneity of the paint. The glass is scratch resistant before tempering and maintains a consistent colour after tempering. This allows for projects to be carried out at varying stages with the end result being the same.

The versatility of Lacobel T is endless. It can be used in furniture, kitchen splash-backs, wall cladding – internal and external applications, bathrooms, doors and many more.
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