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Glass that can withstand intense heat from fire burning stoves

Stove Glass and Heat Resistant Glass

We stock a range of heat resistance glass (stove glass) products that we can cut to size for all stove doors.

Our glass is extremely heat resistant. We can produce it in various shapes and sizes, and it is a completely transparent glass ceramic. The glass has a low thermal expansion rate. Meaning it can maintain stability in high-temperature conditions.

The glass is able to withstand temperatures of between 1200 – 1400 degrees Celsius. Making it ideal for any application requiring high-temperature tolerance.

The glass can be processed further using all the normal methods of glass processing.

Quality heat resistant glass cut to size

There are plenty of different applications for heat resistant glass. Some applications for this glass include:

  • High temperature vision windows
  • Chemical processing glass
  • Commercial ovens
  • Architectural uses
  • Fireplaces and wood burning stoves
  • Outdoor lighting

Some of our most popular requests involving heat proof glass include stove glass cut to size. Stove glass provides that great, contemporary finish to ovens in modern kitchens.

Traditional glass versus ceramic and heat proof glass

Heat resistant glass is more of a ‘transparent ceramic’ then a glass. The glass it is made from is subjected to what is known as ‘thermal treatment’ during the manufacturing phase, which forms a tough matrix of crystals giving it its characteristic toughness.

Traditional glass is not heat proof, though it can be toughened to withstand greater temperatures. Transparent ceramic, however, unlike glass, can stand up to extremely high temperatures – even if it is really close to the source of heat.

Interested in our heat-resistant glass and stove glass service and products? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to have a chat with you.

If you would like to know more about the heating, replacement, cleaning (such as removing dirt from the surface), and the service of glass stoves in particular, then check out our blog.

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