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Aura antique mirror range

Carlen Glass is exclusively stocking the Aura antique mirror range. We currently have 9 variations of this style of mirror in stock, in 4mm and 6mm thicknesses.

Antique mirror has become increasingly popular in modern interior design, with many bars and restaurants undergoing renovations choosing to use antique mirrors to spruce up the interior. It really lifts a tired décor and adds a great air of sophistication to any space.

We have 9 different patterns of the glass available, ensuring that at least one will go perfectly in any design plan. We are very proud of the quality and aesthetic of this product.The colours are:

Aura Morena (available in 4mm and 6mm)
Aura 03 – Silver antique mirror (4mm and 6mm)
Aura 05 – Bronze antique mirror with hints of copper throughout (6mm)
Aura 09 – Grey antique mirror with hints of blue thorughout (6mm)
Aura 10 – Brown antique mirror (6mm)

New additions to the Aura range (6mm only):

Aura 33

Aura 13

Aura 23

Aura Black Azure

We offer processing, such as bevelling and polishing to these mirrors which can really set it apart from regular silvered mirror. Adding the bevelled edge really turns the mirror into a piece of furniture, and will become a feature piece for the space it is being positioned in.

Our antique mirrors have been used behind bars, behind barista stations in cafes, as wall paneling in restaurants and so on.
Get in touch with us today if you require a sample of the Aura antique mirror range to be sent to you. We work exclusively with many interior designers and would be happy to discuss the product further if you are interested in it.

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