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Our favourite interior designers on why they love glass

by / Friday, 26 May 2017 / Published in Blog and News

Here, at Carlen Glass, we understand how hard it can be when looking at ways to brighten up your home or office. Whether you are moving into a new building or simply just wish to breathe some new life into a room, we know how hard it can be to settle on a design style. When it comes to interior ideas, people often underestimate the potential and power that glass has on the style of a room. Versatile, creative, functional and fashionable, glass can dramatically change a room’s appearance. As there are so many different things you can do with it, we thought it would be a good idea to go out and get some professional opinions on how to use glass in interior design.

We asked all of the following experts how they think glass can be used to create a fantastic interior style and here’s what they said.


Fresh Design Blog


Rachel is a wonderfully exciting home, interior and property writer who runs the acclaimed blog From features on how to utilise garden space to home lighting trends, this site has top design tips for any room of your home or office. You can follow those Twitter and Facebook links below for more updates from the team!


“Glass is one of the most versatile materials and can be used in interior design projects in so many ways! Plenty of windows help add more light into a home.


I particularly love the use of roof windows and skylights in home extensions, such as lofts or kitchen conversions. There’s something special about looking up through a roof window and watching the clouds go by or the stars at night.”

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Nylon Living

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Shobha runs the inspired blog,, focused on interior design ideas for Homes, Hotels, Restaurants and Stores. Her posts are guaranteed to provide you with classic design ideas and offer a perfect balance of old and new. She has a great perspective on glass in interior design, and you can find her Facebook and Twitter links below.


“Glass should be used in interior design to encourage light to bounce around the home and open up spaces visually.  London houses tend to be narrow and dark because it’s a crowded city with mostly bleak weather.  Opening up these old houses with the artful use of glass – large windows, skylights, internal dividers, etc help solve these issues.”

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British Style UK

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Natalia runs a truly unique blog,, full of fantastic design inspiration. Her personal approach really provides the reader with warm and welcoming advice. If you’re looking for some great ideas on how to spruce up any room in your home or office, you can find her Facebook and Twitter links below.


“Glass is such a versatile material which has had a resurge in popularity when it comes to interior design and architecture. Glass walls and partitions in interiors gives the feeling of light and space by allowing more daylight to flow through to darker parts of the building. External glass doors, windows and walls not only allow more light into the property, but also connects us to the outside.


Ultimately it’s about the well-being of the people using a space and the use of glass is a wonderful way to bring those elements together to improve wellbeing. “


Home and Horizon

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Lauretta is the brains behind the creative and innovative website This blog is absolutely packed with fantastic interior design tips, creative styles and even wonderful travel suggestions. Home and Horizon is guaranteed to provide you with some great design tips, no matter your style. You can find out about how she uses glass in her house, along with her social media details, below.


“There’s the obvious answer here being if you’re lucky enough to have amazing views from your home then glass screens, bi-fold doors, glass walls etc offer a great opportunity to make the most of them.


I prefer to use glass to bounce light around and create the appearance of light spaces throughout my house. My front door has a small pane of glass in it and in the afternoon when the sun shines through, the light hits the mirror in my hallway and lights it up (it’s north-facing so fairly dark). In all my downstairs rooms I have chosen to use glass within the internal doors – again to let light flow through the house.”

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Simply Grove


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Kirsten is not only an impressive and creative interior stylist but is also the creator of the inspired On this wonderful site, you’ll find a selection of modern designs, marvellous home style tips and news about the latest trends. To keep up with her latest posts, feel free to follow her  with the links below.


“I’m currently enjoying a trend I’ve been seeing lately of putting authentic antique stained glass into modern spaces! It’s such a beautiful colour accent to a space and when light hits it, oh man! These pieces don’t only add a pop of colour but also bring history to a space that may have little to no history rich items.”

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Tea with Ruby

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Jane has a long list of impressive skills; she is a blogger, stylist, freelance writer and self-titled ‘interior demon’. When visiting her site,, you are welcomed with modern style, minimalist inspiration and incredible design photography. Each post is sure to give you some brilliant ideas on how to decorate your home or office. To keep up with her posts, please feel free to follow her Twitter and Facebook below.


“Glass is a very important element in interior design, from large windows to the smallest of coffee tables.  Using glass brings light into a space, especially if you are lucky enough to have floor to ceiling windows or bi fold doors.  I think glass is definitely the way forward in modern design and would like nothing more than to live in a contemporary glass filled home.


If this isn’t an option then to add glass within you interiors is a good alternative, glass tables and consoles not only bounce light around the room making it feel more roomy they are also very stylish to look at.”

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A Beautiful Space

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Becky runs a fantastic blog,, which is full of wonderfully beautiful things, varying from modern and unique interior designs to fashion tips, to even delicious food recipes. All who visit her blog are welcomed with open arms to stay and share in all her wonderful tips and tricks. To keep up with her posts, please feel free to follow her Twitter and Facebook below.


“I think it should be used decoratively and creatively; stained glass, coloured glass and shaped glass, windows in surprising places all add so much to an interior design.”

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We Love Home

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Maxine is an extremely well-accomplished interior stylist who runs the very successful and popular blog Her posts are not only great to read but also full of fantastic design tips and inspiration. You can find her Facebook and Twitter links below for even more design updates.


“I saw a mirrored effect glass splashback in the house of Great Interior Design contestant Kelly Sparks and it blew me away. It’s such a clever idea for small, dark kitchens as the reflective nature of the glass bounces light around the room and makes the space feel bigger”

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G & G Interior Design

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Ramona is the owner of the modern and chic interior design site Always ahead of the game on trends, this site is guaranteed to give anyone who visits it some fantastic design inspiration. Some of the designs in her portfolio are truly special and worth checking out. To keep up to date with her posts, please feel free to find her Twitter and Facebook links below.


“The most obvious place to use glass for me is in a beautiful shower door or surround in a bathroom. I love to use frameless glass with extraordinary hardware for a striking shower wall. I also enjoy using it in a kitchen as a stunning and easy to clean backsplash.”

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Centsational Girl

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Kate runs the always impressive This is the perfect place to stop by if you are looking at renovating a room, but want to do it on a budget. Her motto is ‘fabulous, for less’ and it’s incredible to see what she can create without having to spend hundreds of pounds. A truly talented bargain hunter and designer. To keep up with her posts and projects, please feel free to follow her on Twitter and Facebook below.


“Colored glass enhances any space and is an opportunity to accent your home with pleasing shapes and hues. Consider curvaceous lamps by the bed or on a desk and shapely vases on the mantel or bookcase to bring style to your spaces.”

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