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Why every office needs more glass

by / Friday, 16 December 2016 / Published in Blog and News

Using glass to upgrade an office space saves you from having to break the bank to improve the decor and feel of a work-space significantly. Introducing glass elements is a simple yet effective way to brighten your office, and in many ways this simple change can greatly improve the productivity of office workers, as we outline below.




Glass partitions and windows are guaranteed to make an office space feel more cutting-edge, modern and stylish; which also makes an environment more pleasant to work in. If you are a client-based business, making a good first impression is hugely important when people walk into your offices. Glass elements and partitions in an office space are therefore the way to go simply for their aesthetic appeal.

Tech and digital companies were some of the first to go for the modern, minimalist look for their offices. Now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, with offices spaces becoming increasingly open, with fewer barriers or closed offices; and instead more open space, larger windows and glass partitions. These design changes have been proven to encourage better office morale, and make people more likely to enjoy work, leading to increased productivity.

Natural light


Research has shown that the more natural light which penetrates an office space, the happier and more productive employees will be. Sunlight is the natural happy drug, so designing and office environment which lets in the sun as much as possible will encourage a more positive and efficient workforce.

An office design which lets in as much natural light as possible creates the fantastic illusion of a large and airy space. Using more glass to let in natural light will also reduce your expenditure on artificial lighting- a plus in anyone’s book!


Low cost solution


Easily installed glass partitions are a straightforward refurbishment you can make to an office space which is low cost, and will reduce your heating and electric bills. Good quality double glazed glass will maintain high heating efficiency during colder months and air conditioning during the summer.

Glass elements can also be installed or dismantled in parts without requiring any structural modifications, therefore keeping office re-design costs down.


Honesty and open communication


Introducing more open space and reducing barriers within an office environment encourages better communication between employees, and creates a more free flowing work space where people feel more comfortable sharing ideas and approaching colleagues.

Glass partitions give some illusion of privacy but do not provide as much of a barrier compared to opaque partitions, which can create a more segregated and therefore less cohesive workforce within an office.

Introducing glass elements within your office interior is a guaranteed way to make your office more stylish and modern, as well as to create a work environment which is conducive to productivity and a happy workforce.